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MormonGirlz reveals the secret, ritualistic sex practices of a Mormon cult. In Mormon communities, the ultimate breeding power rests with a special Seed Bearer, a man who is chosen by revelation and is feared and obeyed by the other men in the Church. This Seed Bearer has special authority to spread his seed among the daughters of Zion, and he is free to select his sexual partners from among all the women in the community — even if those women are already married. Plural marriage, or polygamy, has been practiced publicly by Mormons since 1852, making it the longest-running alternative sexual lifestyle in American history. The practice is accompanied by a complicated set of secret rituals that prepare selected women to be inseminated, in a special room of the temple called the Seed Chamber.


5. Polygamy Pillow Fight

When Brandon has date night with his first wife, the other three have their own fun. Sometimes they watch a movie, sometimes they cook a delicious meal, but tonight they wind up having a hot, lesbian polygamy threesome. It all starts when Sarah mentions that she went lingerie shopping. The other girls have so many questions — how do they measure you? What size are they? They feel each other’s tits and it’s not long before Sarah feels hot and bothered. She loves Brandon but she also really loves breasts — and since they practice polygamy, there are lots of boobs to go around. Her own and her sister wives’. She needs to figure out how to keep this fun going. She wants them to pinch her nipples and she wants to put their tits in her mouth. “This is making me really horny,” she blurts out. Alma is so relieved. “I’m not the only one?” And before she knows it she is kissing Sarah’s gorgeous mouth

4. Julie Snow Fucks a Missionary


As the newest and youngest of Brandon’s wives, sexy teen Julie is often left out of the other girls’ schemes. Although women who practice polygamy are never supposed to get jealous of their husbands’ other wives, they are only human. With only one husband dividing his nights between them, it’s impossible not to feel a little jealous. And it’s only natural that the newest wife would become the focus of the others’ jealousy. Emma, Sarah and Alma have all secretly met up with a young missionary, Elder Sorensen, for sex

3. Lesbian Threesome in the Church

Doctor Lisa has shown a lot of curiosity about the Church, carefully exploring first Sister Pratt’s polygamy pussy, and then her companion’s. Now that she’s had sex with each individually, she thinks it would be hot to fuck them both at once inside the church. They have been inviting her to attend sacrament meeting with them, so she gives them a call and accepts their offer. She meets them outside the church one Sunday morning, wearing what she hopes is appropriate attire for a polygamy church service.

2. Ashleigh: Back on the Mercy Seat


“As a young girl, I always tried to keep my thoughts and actions pure so that I’d be worthy to go to the temple. I had no idea that inside the temple my body and my mind would be violated, degraded and abused.Is it because I violated my covenants and let Brother Hart have sex with me? Or do all polygamy girls get subjected to this filthy humiliation when they go through the temple?The worst part of it all is that I’m discovering that I actually like the pain and the shame. The more it hurts, the harder the men and girls use me, the better it feels. I’m a slut for punishment.

1. Melody: The Mercy Seat

Melody can still taste the cum that the mysterious stranger splattered across her innocent face. But now her untouched pussy is about to be filled by not one dick, but two in an explosive polygamous orgy.

Melody has proven herself to be quite the obedient little cocksucker. Even though she had never even touched a man’s dick before, she left the well-hung stranger at the temple veil gasping for more as she deep-throated his shaft and milked the cum from his balls.

Melody is happy with herself, primarily because she knows that Jane will be pleased with her burgeoning sexual skills. Try as she might, Melody has been able to think of little else than the high priestess, her lithe body pressing against her, her tongue expertly bringing the young girl to earth-shattering orgasm.

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