ATKingdom Releases “Hairy Loins of Lust”

ATKingdom is back with  another hairy masterpiece featuring the finest curly coiffed cunts in the industry; Hairy Loins of Lust!

“These girls are handling themselves without a cock in sight as they skillfully pleasure the warm wet pussy’s that lie beneath their thick coats of soft, strokable fur. They know exactly which buttons to push and how deep and hard they need to go to satisfy their sweet tooth and cream pie their own hair pie”  said Jimmy James, ATKingdom’s Vice President and Executive Producer.

“Our lineup of selected talent will use their hairy devil’s lettuce to stroke, play with, twirl between their fingers, and tease you to imagine enveloping your hard cock into their cashmere cave.  Seeing Hairy Loins of Lust is like peeking around the corner and watching while the girl you’ve been lusting over heatedly writhes around, making herself cum hard and squirt because she secretly knows you’re watching.  Peek in on Hairy Loins of Lust.  I promise you’ll get a show that will have your dick throbbing and pumping in your jeans.”


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