Tue. Jun 25th, 2024
Abella Danger Ass Fucked

Even though the name of this site is PornstarRankings, it would get boring doing just rankings for every post.. So, occasionally , I will post something else.

How many times have you  stuck your dick in some girls ass and pulled it out with shit on it?  Thanks to Abella Danger, you may be able to avoid that.

Danger’s Anal Checklist

1. Eat lots of fiber the day before/carbs

2. Do not eat any vegetables, salads, anything leafy.

3. The next morning i naturally go to the bathroom because of all the fiber i ate

4. Then when i get to set i do warm water enemas but only half the bottle at once so i don’t get water stuck up there.

5. Insert dick in ass

Photo Courtesy Of Brazzers

Abella Danger Ass Fucked

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By rankme

4 thoughts on “Abella Danger’s 5 Steps To Anal Prep”
  1. Abella I AM A HUGE FAN!!! I was just goin through a news feed for a site I’m a member of… The the panel of people who judged it must have been homosexual. There should be no reason you shouldn’t be #1.

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