Tue. Jun 25th, 2024
Maestro Claudio’s DP Diva and PervCity are teasing the sensational debuts of Jesse Pony and Sydney Paige in two steamy scenes this week.
In “Petite Blonde Jesse Pony Enjoys Double Pussy and Double Anal Penetration”, DP Diva offers a wide-eyed peek into the starlet’s world as she joins the Maestro on the couch for an illuminating interview before indulging in a three-way with Eric John and Milan Ponjevic.
“I was looking forward to shooting this scene with Eric and Milan, and it was better than I’d hoped!” said Pony. “Getting both my holes stretched to the limit and pounded with such impressive force was beyond imagination and a wild ride I won’t soon forget.  You’re going to have to see it to believe it!”
John commented, “The scene with Jesse Pony and Milan was one of those magical times on set where there is instant chemistry from the second I arrived. Jesse was craving the occasion and reveling in every moment. The truly sublime erotic moments come from people deeply enjoying amazing sex while an expert director like Maestro Claudio captures it perfectly.”
Ponjevic stated, “Working with Jesse most definitely exceeded my expectations; she made every moment of the shoot so much fun and a memorable experience, so I eagerly look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with her again in the future!”
Maestro Claudio added, “Jesse was a joy to have on set; she has this dynamic energy and effervescent personality that meshed perfectly with Eric and Milan during their scene. With any luck, we will have Jesse back here with us to capture that magic onscreen again in upcoming projects.”
PervCity packs a potent punch with “Sexy Blonde Sydney Paige Gets Her Asshole Filled With Cum”, as the starlet reveals a few tidbits about herself during her introductory interview before her high-powered performance alongside co-star Isiah Maxwell.
“I had the best time working with Isiah, Maestro Claudio and PervCity!” exclaimed Paige. “Every moment with Isiah was insane, in the best way possible. Our chemistry was off the charts amazing and I can’t wait to meet up with him again for another go!”
“Working with Sydney for the first time can’t be my last, because she was too good,” enthused Maxwell. “Pairing her with one of my favorite companies was a can’t-lose deal.”
Maestro Claudio said, “When Sydney performs, she gives her all and expresses her sexuality in such a way that draws you in and leaves you wanting more. This electrifying pairing with Isiah beautifully highlights her onscreen skills and amazing ability to deliver a fantastic scene.”
For more information, visit PervCity.com and DPdiva.com, and follow PervCityDP Diva, Maestro ClaudioJesse Pony, Sydney Paige, Eric John , Isiah Maxwell and Milan Ponjevic on X/Twitter, PervCity, DP Diva and Maestro Claudio on Instagram and Maestro Claudio on OnlyFans.
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