Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

– Dorcel, the leading international player in pleasure for all, is pleased to announce the United States physical media release of the star showcase Chloe, An Indecent Story. Featuring French ingenue Chloe Duval, this 156-minute feature is now available domestically on DVD in the U.S. exclusively through Pulse Distribution.

Chloe, An Indecent Story explores the marriage of two individuals with distinct personalities yet bound by a seemingly perfect relationship. The narrative unfolds with the husband-and-wife team of Chloe and James Duval portraying the central characters, a young couple facing challenges in their once-healthy partnership.

As the story progresses, tracking the pair through their ensuing separation and potential reunion, this intimate saga unveils the ways in which personal and professional growth—Chloe is a teacher, James is a plastic surgeon—along with societal pressures linked to monogamy, can impact two people deeply in love. Juxtaposing their romance with the pressure of their careers, the movie delves into the subtleties of human connection and passion.

This latest installment of An Indecent Story – one of Dorcel’s most enduring franchises – is masterfully crafted by Spanish filmmaker Alis Locanta. Chloe shines in three commercial scenes, exhibiting a chemistry with her co-stars (including Lauren Walker, Paulo Bangkok, Lili Charmelle, Sara Diamante, and Tommy Cabrio) that is both convincing and sensual, drawing viewers into a world of complex relationships and captivating romance.

The major European innovator in sexual pleasure through VOD services, concept stores, virtual reality, and podcasts, Dorcel is at the forefront of technology in the service of pleasure.

For more information, visit dorcel.com.

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