Ron Jeremy Named Sexual Assault & Battery Civil Suit

Ron Jeremy is being sued allegedly committing sexual assault on a woman in Washington State.

The former porn star just got slapped with a lawsuit stemming from an alleged incident in September 2017 — the same one for which he was criminally investigated earlier this year.

Tacoma City Attorney’s Office declined to file charges against Jeremy after a woman claimed he’d sexually assaulted her at a radio promotional event where she was modeling.

Now, that same woman is suing Jeremy for what she claims was sexual assault and battery.

The suit alleges Jeremy assaulted her 4 times on the day in question. First, she agreed to let Jeremy to sign her breasts — but instead, she says he pulled down her shirt, reached under her bra and “violently groped” her boob.

She goes on to say he then squeezed her butt during a selfie, sucked on the back of her neck and pushed his finger inside her through her underwear … allegedly asking, “Did that give you goosebumps?”

The woman claims she’s suffered PTSD since then, and even attributes a miscarriage she had to the alleged assaults. She suing for damages.


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