Sat. May 18th, 2024

The fine people over at were gracious enough to provide us with their top 5 scenes for the month of September.  The race play site is extremely popular but far from your “ordinary” porn site .

5. Lauren Phillips – End Gentrification Now

“I’m up in tha trap right. I look out mah window and I see someone milly rockin outside of my favorite bodega which is now a coffee shop owned by a family of colonizers. Now my rent is gonna go up because some cave dwellin soccer mom want a pum’kn spice latte on the daily. So I spit at this red haired witch and fucked all her holes nice and good. She got taken down. I tell you tho, she may be a sun dodger, but she ain’t no cum dodger. She really paid for past sins today like a good bird turd should.”

4. Anastasia Rose – Pale Clown

Man, you know brothas hate clowns. Das why this dull lay pasty wyte hoe get her face painted like Pennywise, n shortly after pummeled in the ass wit Big Black Daddies dick. She clenched her purse when we was just minding our own. It don’t take long for this bih to see the light after a good hole ramming. She gives everything to the Black Man to make up for her races blind bigotry. The blue eyed devils gaze widens as she realize her own inferiority while the dick ravaging her pink lil throat. The day ends wit her face being painted yet again, not wit her ratchet red lipstick, but wit the cum of her new black master.

3. Shelby Paris – Poolside Patty

Dis Chunky Poolside Patty went n’ call the popo on Brother Rome just for mindin his own business durin a dip. Racist whites just can’t seem to keep their heads down n’ mouths shut, they used to all that privilege! Rome comes out the pool on dis blistering day to hate fuck the privilege outta Becky. She take his dick deep down dat obnoxious, unrelenting throat of hers. The harpy continually squawks as she regurgitates white hatred and chunks onto her pasty bare body. A swift fuck from the huge n’ almighty black dick alleviates da whore from her ignorance n’ entitlement. Brother Rome seizes justice on behalf of the Black Race, may all the Pattys and Beckys everywhere assume their rightful place, wit holes spread and ready, deadass!

2. Maddy O’Reilly- I Have Black Friends


Who knew such a pasty becky could turn into the best whore of all for some black dick! “I’m such a dirty Fucking slut” she squeals, as the cracker was taken by rolling orgasms during a thorough ass ramming. Whitey assumed that having ‘black friends’ means she can’t be a racist like her ancestors. Ignorant cracker. However, the righteous endeavor to correct her was fruitful, a wonderful transformation occurs. The dirty whore from within emerges, and you can see the pleasure deep behind her snake eyes as she crawls to lick her new masters boots. After being taken by the pussy and anus, she exclaims her newfound distaste for ‘white boys’ and preference for a man with more melanin in his skin. She then eats a cigarette butt, like the proper ash tray she is. These snow bunnies don’t get ashy skin, but they get ashy mouths. In the end the bile covered bird turd becomes a sort of a butterfly, enlightened, and turned into chattel.

1. Summer Day – The Other White Meat

 Summer Day

The ‘other white meat’ scampers away from its backwoods hillbilly white trash origin onto set where she can finally repent for her ancestors sins and wrongdoings unto the black man. Her enslaving grandpapi turns in his grave as she takes a big black cock in her throat, pussy, and anus. We sodomized whitey good as she converts from being a dumb ass bitch to a black Jesus worshiper. She even takes a knee like brother Kaepernick and asks Goodell to bring him back! Good bitch! We end with a glorious finale, spitting on the piglets pasty ass face, thus washing away the white guilt. Her racist daddy will probably beat and disown her when she goes back to the trailer park. If you find this one walking the streets make sure to give her a nickel and some coupons, she might just blow you.


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