Sun. Jun 16th, 2024
Kendra Sunderland

Adult industry’s premier all-natural beauty and Brazzers contract girl, Kendra Sunderland penned an essay about Instagram censorship and bias for The Daily Beast called, Nicki Minaj Can Get Naked on Instagram. Why Can’t Porn Stars, about her trials and tribulations with the most important social media platform since her first deletion one year ago.

The next time I was taken down for promoting scenes that had “implied nudity”—no more than you would see on any Kardashian, Cardi B, or Madonna account. Recently, Nicki Minaj posted a photo to Instagram of her entirely nude—save a hand covering her nipple—straddling a giant teddy bear. It’s still up. On top of the hypocrisy, you can’t plead your case either. There is nobody you can talk to. No troubleshooter for any issue. So, you just have to accept it and keep making new accounts and backup accounts.

You may read Kendra’s essay in it’s entirety here

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