Mon. May 20th, 2024

Performer and director Crystal Clark really loves being a stepmom. So much in fact that in one of the latest movies she wrote and directed, “Stepmom Likes To Watch!” Crystal plays Jay Romero’s stepmom, much to the chagrin of Rosalyn Sphinx, who costars in a non-sex role.

Jay is back home from college, and brings his girlfriend Rosalyn over. While Rosalyn and Jay try to get hot and heavy, Rosalyn notices Crystal spying on them, peeking through the door. Jay denies it because he doesn’t think Crystal would do that. Rosalyn gets mad and decides not to have sex with Jay.

The next day, Rosalyn comes back over and it happens again. After they argue and Rosalyn leaves, Jay decides to cure his blue balls, but catches his stepmom spying on him. He confronts her, and she demands she help him cum since it was her fault Rosalyn left.

Jay agrees to it, and Crystal begins to suck his dick in the living room, filmed in POV. They move to Jay’s bedroom, where Crystal takes care of Jay the right way, and Jay busts all over Crystal’s tits.

Crystal said, “Writing this was so much fun. Rosalyn and Jay did a great job, and early reaction from the fans has been great.”

You can watch a preview on Pornhub and find the video at or



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